Main Equipment List

600 M2 total pilot plant

Capacity of glass reactor range from 50L to 100 L

SS450 centrifugal apparatus

20 L rotary vacuum evaporators

Cooling water circulating pump

Here are the reactions that we can do

Low temperature reaction (temperature up to -80℃)

High pressure hydrogenation (Ni, Pt, Pd as catalyst; pressure up to 100Bar)

Chlorination (Cl2,HCl,NCS,POCl3,SOCl2)

Bromination ( Br2,PBr-compound,NBS,DBDMH)

Cyanation (Sodium Cyanide, Cuprous Cyanide)

Azidation (NaN3;DPPA)

Organic metal chemistry (Na, Mg, Grignard)

Oxidation (O2,NaClO,H2O2)

Distillation ( three columns,6m&9m&12m;temperature up to 250℃)