Excellent R&D and Producing Capability

We provide catalog-based custom synthesis of various novel reagents and intermediates for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and research institutions, on scales ranging from grams to tons. Success rate up to 95%.

We are specialized at innovative process research and development, including synthetic route evaluation, reaction condition optimization, and compounds scale-up production.

Our kilo lab can prepare compounds in scales of kilograms, and our pilot plant can produce compounds in scales up to hundreds of kilograms.

Smooth supply chain

Acting as an agent for raw materials and products from leading manufacturers around the world, the business involves food, health products, personal care, home care, agrochemical, industrial chemistry and many other industries, providing customers with a full range of services from technology development, market information to warehousing and logistics .

Agilebiochem has an extensive supply chain network, which gives us the flexibility to support changing local demand around the world and to provide the highest service levels. Agilebiochem has a long-standing business relationship with experienced, certified (ISO, HACCP, GMP, REACH) third party logistics services providers.

Strict quality control

Quality management is Agilebiochem's core advantage. We ensure that each product meets the highest quality standard and strictly follows the customer requirements. Equipments of UV,K-F,HPLC,GC are available at place, outsource for NMR, LC-Mass etc. A detailed inspection report is furnished for each batch containing the following information: batch number, product characteristics, purity, production date, expiration date, storage conditions and data analysis.

High quality customer group

Our company has a complete system of R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-service. We have successfully become a mainstream supplier by our continuous improvement and comprehensive capability. Our products are fully approved by domestic and abroad markets for the high quality and smooth supply chain. Our customer base is prosperous and stable. They are widely located in North America, Europe, China, and other Asian countries or regions.